martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

Mad Mae

Porque esta tan enojada Mae?
When Mae was 3, her father was lost at sea. The unlucky seaman's surviving shipmates returned with stories of a giant sea monster with tentacles and a deadly sharp beak against which they could not prevail.  The bravest of them turned pale at the mere mention of that unfortunate voyage.
Mae's mother, burdened with the sole responsibility of raising a large family alone, kept the children in line with blows and rage and threats that if they didn't behave she would set them adrift in a boat for the sea monster to eat.
Mae, naturally independent and rebellious, ran wild up and down the coast, combing the sands for small treasures and listening to the voices that whispered in her mind. One day she found a shimmering orange globe washed up on the shore.  She hid this mysterious treasure, staring for hours into its swirling depths, letting her mind open to unseen forces. She began to believe the voices she heard came from the globe, that it was the whispers of goddesses of old, confiding in her, guiding her, imparting secrets for power and long life.
It became her one goal, her passion and her madness, to find the alchemical answer to death.  The goddesses told her, she believed, that the blood of living things, especially the creatures of the sea, could be combined with other elements to make a magical formula enabling one to live forever.
Her family shunned her when they discovered Mae had been dabbling in an odd mixture of religion, science, magic and alchemy.  The townsfolk grew frightened of her.  They called her "Mad Mae".  Often they could hear her cackling laughter and mutterings as she wandered the beaches, speaking to her "voices".  When she went about in her little boat, checking her nets for sea creatures to kill and experiment on, they ran inside and bolted their doors.   They hid their children, for they knew it was only a matter of time before Mad Mae graduated from seeking the blood of sea creatures to human blood.
And indeed, it was so. (esta historia no fur creada por mi )
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