sábado, 22 de junio de 2013

Change springs to mind with Pixelites Inc

This week I decided to mix it up a bit. My weeks have been so hectic of late that the term slowing down is not a verb in my dictionary.

After all, what is the use of coaching staff about managing people's performance when all I seem to be doing of late is saying 'Goodbye' to people as their tears flow and I am the one to say, "I'm sorry we no longer have a job for you as I escort them out the door". No wonder I come onto SL and escape when my world at present is so negative.   I so hate my job sometimes, working in Human Resources, managing transitions, people, listening to their complaints, listening to their whines. I don't think I have had a happy day for about two weeks.. So does that mean I need a change? Perhaps...or maybe I just need to do something different afterwards.

In saying the above though,  I love routine. Love it. I love the tried and true methods that work well.
I often tell people about how fantastic routine can be. I extol the virtues of boundaries.
 Yet, I was not always such a person, was I? While never exactly intrepid, I was once a little adventurous, wasn't I?   Well, suffice to say, a breath of fresh air was long overdue so I conducted three experiments.  First, I altered my fitness routine. I did the same circuit of exercises in the gym, but I changed the order in which I do them. I wanted to see how I would feel after and what impact the change would have on my workout. I expected to be muddled, do fewer exercises and barely break a sweat.  The surprising result was that I worked harder and finished sooner. I expended more energy in a more efficient way and forgot to think about the bad day/s that I had at work.

Secondly, I tried a different route on a walk I make every day. This change was forced upon me by an unforeseen hitch called child taxi.  But in the spirit of making the best of things and avoiding recriminations, I went with the challenge of taking a different route. The astonishing result was that the new route was quicker. Thirdly, I laid down at night and started watching Game of Thrones, and threw my book to the side.

Taking a different route in life sometimes is good for the soul, so is taking a walk to our fantastic destination below - The Thrift Shop where everything is under $100L.
So what are you waiting for, come take a peek at some awesome designers, and one of them being Pixelites Inc at our destination for today:-

Destination: The Thrift Shop

Outfit - ::PL:: Tangled Webs - Curacoa ($100L) at the Thrift Shop (New)
Skin - Glam Affair - Cleo - America - 05
Eyes - IKON Destiny Eyes - Clarity
Hair - ::Exile:: Take it off:Rust
Nails - Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V 4 by Jaman
Accessory 1 - Bens Beauty ::.. Ecce Earring Gold

Photo taken at Oubliette

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